Oneida Victor

Welcome to Oneida Victor®'s Website

Oneida Victor® has long specialized in wildlife management devices.

Our merchants sell our products world-wide.

Established in 1852, this Cleveland, Ohio company provides equipment for pest control, wildlife management, furriers, sportsman and other miscellaneous users of our products. From rodent control to large wildlife management, Oneida Victor® is the original company that defined the standards for animal control and management internationally and we continue to be a leader in both the industrial manufacturing and distribution of wildlife management devices of all types.

Our Brands include Soft Catch® wildlife traps that are second-to-none for catch and release trapping that preserves the life and safety of the animal while containing it. The Oneida Victor® Conibear® Brand Bodygrip trap which is the most popular trap everywhere. Blake & Lamb® and Newhouse® long spring traps. The Northwoods® body grip trap. Oneida Victor®’s large variety of coil spring traps in either 2 or 4 coils.

You can find the wide variety of Oneida Victor® products at many retail merchants, including hardware stores and sportsman outlets everywhere. Our All- American Trapper’s Start-up Kits and stainless steel Conibear® Brand Bodygrip trap can be purchased directly from the Oneida Victor® Company, as well as our Newhouse® Bear Traps.

This site hopes to offer support to the people who use our products and resources for the people who wish to learn more about them. Oneida Victor® intends to put forth information that will help trappers everywhere be informed and responsible at what they do.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions